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Thermostatic Shower Taps

Thermostatic shower mixers from GROHE

GROHE thermostatic mixers for your shower –  Extremely practical

A shower thermostat is the best choice for a relaxed and enjoyable shower. It controls both your head shower and your hand shower and allows precise adjustment of the water temperature. The thermostat usually has two handles: one to set the water temperature and another to determine the power of the water jet. The optimal temperature is found much faster with the rotary handles than with a single-lever or two-handle taps, which is why thermostats are particularly popular in the shower. They can also keep the selected temperature constant throughout the showering process. A safety button prevents children from setting the temperature too high. Read more about the special features of GROHE thermostatic taps.


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The different models of thermostatic taps for shower

GROHE thermostatic shower mixers are generally mounted on the wall. You can choose between two variants depending on the type of installation: exposed or concealed.  The exposed version is easy to install because you can simply use existing fittings. The thermostatic mixer is entirely visible and takes up more space. Therefore, it needs to be cleaned more frequently but it is easier to replace or repair. For the second variant, the concealed body must be installed in the wall. This means that the whole mixer disappears leaving only its control panel on the shower wall. You obviously gain space and obtain an ordered and minimalist appearance which is resolutely modern. On the other hand, replacing or repairing the mixing valve is more complicated.

Another option that you have is to choose between a model with a single water outlet or one with up to three outlets. The later permits you to connect different shower functions such as a head shower, a hand shower or a bathtub for example. GROHE thermostats have one to three water outlets which determines the number of functions you can control with the mixer. You can also choose different types of controls according to the shape of the handles: the round rotating handle, the Jota handle and the Y handle. A common characteristic that they share is that they are particularly easy to grasp and thus, safe to use with wet hands. Some thermostatic mixers are also equipped with a diverter. Most GROHE mixers are made of brass with a shiny surface and are available in different metallic colours. The chrome finish is the most often used. The coating protects the mixer from rust and wear making it also easy to clean and attractive.

Special features of GROHE thermostatic shower mixers

GROHE is a leading manufacturer that constantly develops new technologies. Several of them are applied to thermostatic mixers. GROHE SafeStop Plus allows the addition of a 43°C temperature stop to the already included 38°C stop. GROHE CoolTouch ensures that the entire outer surface never exceeds your preferred shower temperature through the use of innovative cooling channels.  

GROHE has further improved its thermostatic taps by developing TurboStat technology. A special cartridge permits to determined the temperature even quicker so that it remains  constant  no matter how many water pressure changes occur.

GROHE's AquaDimmer will help you to simplify the overall handling of your shower thermostat as much as possible. With this special handle, you can control several shower functions and regulate the power at the same time. The SmartControl works similarly while being even more versatile: it allows you to quickly and easily set the water temperature, flow rate and type of spray.

With the EcoJoy function, you save water without compromising your comfort. GROHE StarLight coating makes your tap shine for a prolonged time and makes it easier to clean. The QuickFix technology spares time on the assembly of your GROHE products.

Let’s finish with an extra: If you like to have your soaps and shower cosmetics always at hand, simply choose a thermostatic shower mixer with an EasyReach shower tray.

Please note that not all thermostatic shower mixers have all these functions and technologies. You may refer to the product sheet to have a detailed list of characteristics.

One product but a wide range of features

Different design series are available, each with several models of thermostatic shower mixers. Grohtherm 2000 has an elegant shape with round handles. The Grohtherm 3000 Cosmopolitan series meets modern requirements while limiting itself to the essentials. Aesthetics in all its simplicity leads to harmonious proportions.

Grohtherm Cube, on the other hand, has clear lines and simple geometric shapes. It will suit you if you are looking for a cosmopolitan design. The Grohtherm SmartControl series is available in different models with very sophisticated technologies. For more information, click here. The Allure series thermostatic mixing valves combine cylindrical bodies and square control panels. The Atrio series is precise and simple, creating timeless elegance.

If you like it a little more opulent, the Allure Brilliant or Grandera series might suit your taste. The possibility of adding a touch of gold to the Grandera series makes it a special eye-catcher. Round and angular shapes underline its elegant character. If you particularly like a GROHE design series, you can buy several bathroom articles in this style to create a uniform and harmonious appearance.

Some shower thermostats are sold as a shower set. In addition to the thermostatic taps, it comprises  a hand shower, a shower hose, a shower rail and shower brackets. The showers feature different technologies and water jets described in the product sheet.  

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