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Shower Toilets

Shower Toilets from GROHE

GROHE Shower Toilets for Optimal Hygiene

A new dimension of personal care

The shower toilet is actually a toilet with a built-in bidet function. It appeared in Japan in the 1980s and has since been a huge success: 80% of Japanese households owned a shower toilet in 2018! Such popularity is easy to understand because the shower toilet considerably improves personal hygiene and comfort.

Keeping your hygiene and comfort in mind, GROHE offers two models of shower toilets: GROHE Arena and Sensia IGS. To learn more about these multifunctional toilets click. >>Read more

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Which Washing Toilets Offer GROHE and What Are Their Characteristics?

Dedicated shower for precise cleaning

The GROHE Sensia arena shower toilet is a rimless hung shower toilet equipped with 2 adjustable spray heads, one of which is for the anal shower and the second being for the lady shower. The latter has a separate water supply and features an oscillating spray.

The spray heads are installed in such a way that they do not come in direct contact with the user, even if they are cleaned automatically before and after each use. In addition, the GROHE Sensia arena shower toilet is equipped with a large capacity water heater. After use, you can activate the dryer for a perfect finish and forget about toilet paper.

This shower toilet features a hollow bottom pan so that everything falls directly into the water. This prevents unpleasant odours which, in any case, cannot diffuse into the ambient air since the washing toilet has an odour absorption function.

The shower toilet is equipped with a removable toilet seat possessing the soft-close mechanism to prevent noise. In addition, there is a particularly interesting function: the toilet seat opens automatically when you approach it - very inviting!

GROHE Sensia Arena Model Technologies

Trust the best for your personal care and hygiene

Enjoy the innovative functions with intelligent care of the GROHE’s special features:

GROHE Hygiene Clean: This is a combination of HyperClean antibacterial enamel, which provides additional hygiene, and AquaCeramic non-stick coating.

GROHE Rimless: The toilet is rimless which reduces water consumption and makes cleaning easier.

GROHE PowerFlush: Rimless WC ceramics combined with innovative GROHE Triple Vortex technology ensure particularly careful cleaning.

Ionic technology: It is used to kill bacteria. The combination of several technologies guarantees the best possible hygiene.

GROHE Sensia Arena is available as a kit with the following accessories: WC seat, soundproofing kit, light source, remote control and fixing material.

The New Clean and Comfortable GROHE Sensia IGS

Excellent temperature selection and dryer for comfort

All functions of the hung shower toilets by GROHE Sensia IGS can be adjusted according to your wish. Choose from the different spray functions and adjust the optimal temperature of the water and the dryer. A discreet night light inside will guide you through the darkness. The functions can be controlled using a remote control, a smartphone application or a control panel.

The GROHE shower toilets have a toilet seat equipped with a soft-close mechanism. The spray head is automatically cleaned before and after use. These shower toilets have a hollow bottom pan, which means that everything falls directly into the water.

Sensia IGS Technologies:

GROHE Hygiene ensures trouble-free hygiene thanks to automatic thermal cleaning and a descaling program.

GROHE DreamSpray technology with optimally adapted spray heads guarantees a perfect spray.

The GROHE IGS shower toilet thus offers the best comfort. In kit with accessories: toilet seat, remote control, fixing material and descaling agent. The same features can be found in GROHE shower systems as well.

To learn more about shower toilets from other manufacturers, click here.

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