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GROHE Rainshower

The best showering pleasure - like a warm summer rain

The combination of style and function creates a shower experience that guarantees maximum comfort and relaxation after a hard day's work. With the Rainshower, enjoy the moment in this wellness oasis, feel that warm summer rain. Yes, it's a real luxury.

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The Rainshower series at a glance

The series is composed of:
- Complete shower systems
- Head showers and head shower sets
- Shower supports, shower arm and shower rail
- Wall elbows

A design with clean and contemporary lines

Head showers with a diameter of 210 to 400 mm

Models of the Rainshower series

The design of the Rainshower series is characterized by simple and modern lines. Numerous models, round or square shapes and of all sizes guarantee that you will find the shower that fits perfectly in your bathroom.

All in finesse, the head showers have a resolutely modern look. They can be equipped with a ball-and-socket joint that allows a rotation angle of ± 20° in any direction. This makes it possible to adjust the shower head to suit individual needs. Various head shower holders are available. Either for wall mounting, with a typical shower rail or for ceiling mounting with an extended shower arm. The installation of the head shower is therefore very flexible and adapts to your bathroom.

Rainshower systems are intended for exposed installation. You can also choose a model with a side shower, which offers you even more comfort. The hand shower of the shower systems can offer you up to 4 types of sprays.

Types of sprays of the Rainshower showers and shower systems

The head showers can be equipped with the following types of jets: The wonderfully complete Normal Spray is characterized by a refreshing to relaxing effect and is very versatile. The Rain Spray is wide and generous. The soft, gentle jet caresses the skin like warm summer rain and envelops you completely.

Hand showers can also be equipped with the Normal Spray and the Rain Spray. Other types of jets are possible, such as the Bokoma Spray, which provides an invigorating effect thanks to dynamic spray nozzles - ideal for a head and shoulders massage. The concentrated circular jet is perfect for stimulating the skin and also makes cleaning the bath and shower easier. The Rain O² Spray is a soft and gentle spray. The addition of air creates a wider and fuller jet.

Please refer to the product description to see what types of jets are available in the different models.

GROHE technologies in Rainshower systems and Rainshower showers

Thanks to CoolTouch, taps surfaces do not overheat. This prevents you from getting burned and is very popular in households with children. Shower systems and showers with TurboStat technology react immediately to fluctuations in water pressure. The water temperature remains constant for your comfort. EcoJoy technology significantly reduces water consumption and ensures responsible water use. This protects the environment and saves you money. DreamSpray technology ensures a perfect spray thanks to perfectly coordinated nozzles. DropStop prevents the shower from dripping. Cleaning your showerheads is quick and easy with SpeedClean. Limescale deposits on the nozzles are easily removed with your fingers. The StarLight chrome surface is also easy to clean and ensures a long-lasting shine. The thermostatic taps of the Rainshower systems can be equipped with SafeStop and SafeStop Plus, which prevent the accidental setting of water at too high a temperature. The latter technology also has an optional adjustable temperature limiter.

You can see which technologies the different models are equipped with by consulting the product descriptions.

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