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Minta SmartControl

GROHE Minta SmartControl - for Your Smart Kitchen

It's time to upgrade your kitchen's water taps with GROHE Smart Control kitchen taps.

Water savers are the new dawn of technology now, and while you are doing your bit for the environment, GROHE wants to contribute too. Water saver taps can help you save a million litres of water, and GROHE Minta SmartControl aces the kitchen space with its flow-limiting technology.>>Read more

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GROHE Smart Control Minta series presents elegant lines and intuitive designs that combine well to give you kitchen taps that feature light-touch control. The innovative GROHE Smart Control Minta series operates with a touch of a button - just push to start and stop the water flow. The high automatic technology allows you to adjust the volume of water from water-saving mode to full flow. 

You can turn it on hands-free by touching it with your elbow or wrist when busy cooking.

Incredible Technology - GROHE Minta SmartControl Kitchen Taps

Make a wise choice with GROHE Smart Control taps and save water.

Kitchen taps have advanced to an incredible degree, and the best part is they even help you save water. In terms of designs and functionality, the GROHE Minta SmartControl kitchen taps will dispense an exact amount of water and thanks to its L-shape design; you can fill large pots and pans under the spout easily. The spout swivel is 140°, which is ideal for larger or double sinks. To make the best pair workout, you can check out the wide range of GROHE kitchen sinks to transform your regular kitchen into a stunning cooking space.

GROHE Minta SmartControl taps for the kitchen are engineered to create a comfortable space in the kitchen. It is equipped with a pull-out spray head that allows a balanced flow of water so you can clean and prep the veggies without splashing water on the worktop or yourself. The GROHE Smart Control kitchen taps come with Magnetic Docking technology that helps you keep the spray head in its original place once you are done washing.

GROHE Minta SmartControl Taps Are Easy To Install & Clean

Now you don't have to compromise with the aesthetics of your kitchen taps.

When you have these exciting kitchen renovation ideas in mind or when you are undertaking a new build, installing kitchen taps can be a hassle, mainly when it impacts the aesthetics of your kitchen. With GROHE Minta SmartControl taps, you get the flexibility to be creative and innovative - it comes with GROHE QuickFix Plus rapid installation system that has adjustable connection hoses that you can simply install on your countertop rather than on the wall. 

The GROHE Minta SmartControl taps are designed with a high shine coating that makes cleaning and maintenance easy for you.

Grohe Smart Control Taps Ensures Safe Water Every time

Get a glass full of pure water, zero nickel

Grohe Smart Control taps from the future are powered with GROHE Zero nickel technology. So when you switch to a GROHE Smart Control tap, you do not get any nickel in your drinking water because of the advanced inner-water guides. All you get is clean and pure drinking water.

Grohe Smart Control Taps - Amazing Colours to Choose From

GROHE Minta SmartControl comes in a wide range of colours to match your kitchen.

Take inspiration for your next kitchen renovation with GROHE Smart Control taps that come in a wide range of colours and designs. Adorn your kitchen with stunning shades of your kitchen taps, available in GROHE Minta smart control supersteel, chrome, hard graphite, and warm sunset.

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