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Kitchen Accessories

Kitchen accessories from GROHE

Useful kitchen accessories from GROHE

In addition to kitchen taps and sinks, GROHE also offers practical accessories. For example, GROHE supplies spare parts such as hoses for kitchen taps equipped with a pull-out spray. GROHE also offers pressure gauges or soap dispensers that can be mounted directly on the sink.

Other kitchen accessories complete the GROHE Blue and GROHE Red series. For the water system GROHE Blue, which provides filtered and carbonated water directly from the tap, bottles, glass carafes and water glasses are available. Several types of filters are also available such as standard filters, activated carbon filters and the Magnesium + GROHE Blue filter. The standard filter removes heavy metals from the water in 5 filtering phases and reduces its calcium carbonate content (limescale). If you live in a region where the water is soft, it is preferable to choose the activated carbon filter because it produces the same water quality as the standard filter while reducing chlorinated residues and larger molecules such as pesticides for a significant improvement in taste. However, it will not reduce the calcium carbonate content.  Finally, the Magnesium + GROHE Blue filter allows you to enrich your water with magnesium (35 mg/l), an essential element for the proper functioning of muscles which also has the virtue of reducing stress.  This filter also contains an activated carbon phase that improves taste. The amount of calcium carbonate is reduced by means of an ion exchanger.

For the GROHE red water system, which provides boiling hot water, it is possible to buy tea glasses or thermal drink bottles of different volumes.


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