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Close Coupled Toilets

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GROHEs' Close Coupled Toilet - An important part of your bathroom

Did you know that a person spends an average of three years of its life on the porcelain altar? Therefore, you should take the time to think about this important part of the bathroom. A close coupled toilet always comes with a pan and a cistern visibly mounted behind the seat. Two different types of model exist, the traditional and the modern one. For the traditional close coupled toilet, the cistern is mounted at a slight distance from the pan compares to the modern one, where the cistern stands directly on its rear edge. Due to the cistern, a close coupled toilet takes up more space than a wall-mounted or a back to wall toilets. Thus, you must make sure that your bathroom is large enough. On the other hand, the installation is easier and the finishing guaranteed thanks to concealed fixing. GROHE toilets are equipped with a hollow bottom pan. This means that when you go to the toilet, it falls directly into the water thus preventing unpleasant odours. To find out more about the special features of GROHE close coupled toilets, click here.

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Special Features of GROHE Close Coupled Toilet

GROHEs’ toilets are generally rimless. The advantages are that cleaning is considerably simplified and the water consumption is reduced. All GROHEs’ pans are white and made of sanitary ceramic. You can choose between an oval or square-shaped pan or a combination of both. If you find a style that you like and want to furnish your entire bathroom, then take advantage of the GROHEs’ design series. This ensures a uniform and harmonious style for your bathroom. You can choose from the Essence series with its organic shapes and clear lines or, for example, the Cube Ceramic series with its modern and angular style. If you are interested in other GROHEs’ series, click here.

Innovative technologies are always part of GROHEs’ products. GROHE Rimless facilitates cleaning and reduces water consumption. Additionally, most of the pans are covered with GROHE PureGuard which gives a so smooth surface that limescale deposits, dirt and germs barely get caught. Do not hesitate to refer to the product sheet of your favourite toilet to see which technology it possesses.

The cistern capacity is the volume of water your cistern can hold. As the flushing volume varies from toilet to toilet, it is important to check that both agree. Please also note that the toilet seat is generally not included in the delivery. However, you can find many models by clicking here and take advantage of the soft closing mechanism. No more slamming seats!

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