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Basin taps

DURAVIT washbasin faucets

DURAVIT Washbasin faucets

Without the right basin mixer, it is difficult to fill the wash basin with water. DURAVIT washbasin faucets not only provide an eye-catcher for the washbasin, they are also extremely easy to operate. Choose your optimum fitting from various design series. Find out more about DURAVIT wash basin faucets here.

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The advantages of DURAVIT wash basin faucets

DURAVIT mainly offers its fittings as single lever mixers. The C1 series fittings are also available as 3-hole fittings with two levers and as wall-mounted fittings. The D1 series, on the other hand, is only available as a 2-hole version, but with either a lever, twist grip or touch sensor. Depending on the series, the fittings are also available in up to four sizes: S, M, L and XL. So there's a model to suit every taste and every bathroom.

With the adjustable temperature limiter you can prevent water from being too hot with the tap. This prevents burns. This function is particularly useful in a household with children. Thanks to the smooth-running ceramic cartridge, you can operate the faucet lever gently and without a tug. With electronic fittings you do not need a handle. Let the water flow with a fingertip. All DURAVIT washbasin taps are characterised by the normal jet. The angle of the jet can be adjusted on fittings with tiltable aerator. This allows you to position the jet in such a way that the water does not splash.

Please note that not all fittings have all functions. Some models are also only suitable for cold water. Just take a look at the product details of the fitting of your choice. There you will find the corresponding details.

The designs of DURAVIT wash basin faucets

The A.1 series is characterised by a well-proportioned design. Series B.1 fittings are elegant and timeless. The washbasin faucets of the B.2 series are modern. With their clarity and straightforwardness as well as their reduction to the essentials, they appear timelessly modern. This is achieved through clear, geometric lines. The handle of Series B.3 fittings is conspicuous by its circular recess. It can therefore be used particularly ergonomically. Visually, these fittings impress with a well-balanced, clear design language. Although the fittings of the C.1 series are available as single-lever mixers, three-hole and wall-mounted fittings, they are characterised by a uniform design. All associated fittings are linear and functional. They fit all modern series and are simple and unpretentious. The D.1 series two-hole faucets are special eye-catchers in your bathroom. The flowing transition from a cylindrical shape to an accentuated, flat spout gives it a modern impression.

You can find more wash basin faucets, also from other manufacturers, here. 

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