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The toilet is often the starting point during renovations, as the obvious focal point of a bathroom and the item that gets the most use. Even a bath or shower isn’t quite so heavily used, especially in a family home. Some choose to spruce up the toilet with a new model and seat, some go the whole hog with a concealed cistern and some pair it up with a bidet to really add style. That being said, there’s another type of fitting that often gets overlooked and might make you scratch your head; the urinal! Installing one of these at home may seem strange and it isn’t yet common place in many countries, but they can solve a lot of problems. You may associate them with bars and public toilets, but they can be used in a house and not necessarily in the bathroom. Men looking to take charge of redecoration, or women who don’t like to share, might do well to consider a domestic urinal. Though your budget will have to expand for this additional fitting, there are surprisingly cheap options to be found in stores online and they can have considerable designer style.

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Even urinals can benefit from designer quality

Remember that you aren’t limited to the kind of models you’ve seen in bars and restaurants. Home models are made of ceramic sanitary ware and will look the part beside a toilet or bath. Shop around on the internet and you might be surprised by the number of designer brands that produce these unusual fittings at discount prices. Three major brands that have taken this route are Ideal Standard, Duravit and Villeroy & Boch. Ideal Standard’s Urinale range features smoothly rounded, white models with lids that keep everything elegant. Ideal Standard also produce the Scala Star range which is compact, ideal for an outbuilding or den and relatively inexpensive. Villeroy & Boch produce several lines, such as the OMNIAarchitectura range that has a shape to match the toilet bowl and comes in pergamon white. The OMNIApro range, also by Villeroy & Boch, features an almost heart-shaped model that is a little more compact in size. For very minimalist, sleek urinals try the Duravit Starck range, in several numbered variants, which have multiple sizes and shapes. The Duravit Starck 3 range has a neat rectangular partition, if you wish to set up multiple units in something like a dormitory. Starck 1 also features a conically shaped model with a built in urinal cover. Naturally, other brands are producing them too. Bring a real flash of style into a bath room with Laufen’s Alessi range, featuring their trademarked clean coat finish and a futuristic round shape. Laufen Tamaro is a good choice for taller, traditionally-shaped models. Finally, Keramag have the Centaurus waterless model that has a striking round shape, or the Keramag Era series for something square and sleek. These should give you inspiration for a new, unusual bathroom fixture that will really impress the man of the house.

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