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Shower Enclosures

Shower Enclosures in online store for your bathroom

Between the hectic pace of modern life and the pressure to switch to eco-friendly ways of using water, it’s understandable that many people hardly ever use the bathtub. Often the bath just ends up as a place to stand while you use the shower. With space saving becoming increasingly important, especially in city apartments, many people are dispensing with the bath entirely and opting for a standalone shower enclosure, or embracing the combination and choosing a tub which incorporates an enclosure. Both are very smart ways to either save space or capitalise on it. Enclosures also serve the purpose of preventing water from spraying into the room, which was hitherto achieved with a curtain. A transparent panel is by far the more fashionable and sleek way to achieve the same effect. When making design changes to your bathroom or updating to a fancy new tub, consider an enclosure as a way to modernise. They don’t have to break the bank thanks to cheap online stores, which feature some leading designer brands.


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Attractive shower enclosures at the right price

Once you have a type of enclosure in mind, you can shop around for the best prices. There are great discounts to be found when you buy on the internet, so have a little patience and you’ll soon find the perfect unit to complete your dream bathroom. Take a look at the different manufacturers, as some are more affordable than others and each has their own signature look. The company HSK produces a lot of shower enclosure units and parts, with an eye for compact forms. HSK have the Lavida range which includes a safety thermostat, integrated rain shower and adjustable massage jets, making them a sure choice for those seeking true luxury. HSK is also known for the Atelier range of minimalist, booth-like enclosures that wouldn’t look out of place in a five-star hotel. Kermi is another enclosure brand which specialises in screens and panels. For example, Kermi’s Liga range features toughened safety glass and quality aluminium fittings. Kermi designs are sleek and should appeal to those wanting to modernise but keep it simple. Consider also the manufacturer Bette, whose BetteOcean selection includes affordable swing door panels. For something more futuristic, try the Villeroy & Boch Walk-In range with satin-finished chrome and contemporary fittings. Whatever type of shower enclosure you choose, free standing or built to make the most of the bath, a little forward planning and research will save you time and money.

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