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On-The-Wall Elements

On-The-Wall Elements for your bathroom cheap online

When you’re making big changes to the bathroom, you have a lot of key decisions to make. Do you install a bath, a shower, or both? Do you change the mirror or save money for tiles? Should you upgrade your everyday accessories? Tricky though these may be, the world of the modern WC has another conundrum for you; whether or not to mount the toilet on the wall. This probably seems like the last of your concerns, but in some ways it’s your first, because if you do opt for a trendy, wall-mounted model then you need to consider on-the-wall elements. These hardware items must be installed within the wall cavity to support your ceramics. Installing these supports can be quite invasive, involving opening the wall up and removing tiles, so they should be done first. That means planning well ahead and choosing a loo or urinal well in advance. Wall mounting is increasingly popular as it saves a lot of space and lets you hide the tank, making for a seamless, minimalist design. Provided that you plan ahead, you can achieve this look within your budget. You don’t even have to make do with the cheapest model in the store.

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On-the-wall elements by reputable designers

The ceramic fittings you choose will usually have to be paired up with wall supports by the same manufacturer, so you should look into their internal wall elements at the same time as looking up the external unit. Thankfully, there are several ranges that offer affordability as well as solid quality. Shop around online and you’ll be able to buy discount elements. Start with some larger names like Grohe and Geberit, then look into their counterparts. Geberit are known for durable elements that tie in with their ranges of contemporary wall-mounted loos. The Geberit Duofix range in particular offers various options for hiding a cistern in the wall. Geberit Duofix parts are height adjustable, have a font actuation for a flush plate, have thermal insulation and an option of dual flush and flush-stop. For something striking instead of hidden, try Geberit Monolith. These elements feature bold, black panels in glass and aluminium, sure to create a stylish centrepiece for a modern bathroom. They also have the luxury of flush controls, including volume. Consider also Geberit Sanbloc for hidden tanks and sanitary Aquaclean technology. Meanwhile, Grohe offer some similar models which you will need to consider if you choose a Grohe loo. The Grohe Rapid SL range offers elements of varying sizes and heights, with steel frames and powder coating, plus dual flush and stop-start options. The Grohe Rapid SL series is compatible with flush plates in the attractive Skate Cosmopolitan range. Armed with a little knowledge like this, you can choose the perfect wall mounting system for your bathroom.

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